Saturday, May 17

Trinidad & Tobago Is Fucked

So for those of you who are into the Trini rock/metal scene and you like the music, we here at TTIF have a treat for you.This blog has been made to distribute music for free to all you shit fucks out there, we have a wide selection of bands old and new and we will be sharing the stuff we have with you cheap ass fucks, because we know you dumb shits not gonna buy anything from these rockstars. So look forward for FREE music bitches!

Trinidad & Tobago Is Fucked


Kwesi said...

holy fuck! this is a real pregressive attitude

i am going to download and listen to every single album and track here and comment :) if you will let me

this is Kwesi btw from Solaris. Maybe we may put some tracks up here :)

I'll def post some of my personal music up as soon as I record


‡Hellcommander‡ said...

if you want your bands or your solo stuff up here just mail me at: and we'll be happy to put your stuff up for the world the enjoy.

bathmate said...

it really very good.
I love it !
I like it !
thanks :)- .