Saturday, August 23

Jaundis I - Voodoo In The Cuckoo

Genre - Rock / Crossover

01 - May
02 - Broken Promise
03 - Shango
04 - Poem Of Light
05 - Pretender
06 - Mellow Moon
07 - Peace By Piece
08 - Roadblock
09 - Self Defiance
10 - Obscure
11 - Prayer
12 - A Wake In A Dream
13 - You'll Be Gone

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Anonymous said...

Hey bud
Rob from Jaundis-i here
If you're going to give away the Cd at least give it a good cover or get the original.
Got some footage of the band on my website

Andrew said...

Hey thanks for putting this up. I have literally been looking for this album for weeks.

Rob you should put it up on Itunes and makes some money off of it.
You should be rewarded for your talent.

Great album man.
Stuff like May, Poem of Light, and pretender are classics.

Go Trini Rock Scene

Vaughan said...

One sale waiting here for a good copy of "May" - still taunting my mind.

Anonymous said...

hey rob this is derek locke's nephew, nicholai... i waz wondering if u had any of the recordings from when u guys were touchdown

Anonymous said...

damn derek waz one of the best, he cud really rock, he waz as good as zepplin. that voice cud kill!!

Rudra Seegobin said...

hahah yuh get ketch by beadon himself.bracee. seriously rob put this on youtube, u can make money off it it im sure

Anonymous said...

This was the first album i ever bought love it to this day respect Mr robert beadon,bless.